Why use a professional childcare agency like Chalfont Nannies?

  • All nannies that are registered at Chalfont Nannies have been thoroughly screened by way of checking references, employment history, CRB checks (police checks) and an interview so that we can get to know more about the nannies registered with us.
  • We at Chalfont Nannies will only recommend candidates that we feel suit your specific requirements.
  • Help and advice on all aspects of childcare is always available to you.
  • We at Chalfont  Nannies have children of our own as well as working as nannies in the past and feel that we can relate to both parents and nannies.

What types of childcare are there?

Listed below are the childcare options most widely used in the UK. We have included the wage figure that the average candidate looking at the positions would be expecting to receive. Rates of pay do vary a great deal depending on qualifications, experience, age and working location. The figures shown are net after all deductions such as tax and national insurance (responsibility of the employer) and are based on a five-day week.


These are trained and qualified to NNEB, DNN, Btec, NAMCW, NVQ3 or similar standard. The nanny could be expected to take sole charge and be fully responsible for babies and young children. The daily duties would be totally child related, from bathing, cooking meals, child's laundry, tidying of playrooms/child's bedrooms, school/nursery runs etc.

Rate of Pay:

  • Live in: £170 to £360 per week
  • Live out: £200 to £360 per week

Nanny /House keeper

These can be qualified or simply have experience in this line of work. Usually working with older children, they would carry out everyday household duties such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking meals. They would also do the school runs.

Rate of Pay: Qualified/Experienced: £300 to £400 per week

Holiday Mothers help

These are usually unqualified but have some childcare experience. Ideal for mothers needing an extra pair of hands mainly during the school holidays. May help with household duties, should not be left in sole charge of children for long periods.

Rate of Pay: Approx £6-00 per hour

Au Pairs

These are usually foreign students who are unqualified but may have some childcare experience. They would be suitable for school runs, after school care and some household duties. They would not usually be given sole charge of children for long periods of time.

Chalfont Nannies sadly cannot recommend Au Pairs as part of their service. This is because it is impossible to carry out interviews, to verify qualifications and references and most importantly carry out official police checks.

Maternity Nurses

This is a specialised position for a Nanny or a Midwife who would help new parents with their babies. They would usually live in, doing 6 days/nights working cover. They would help parents and babies into a routine and give advice. They are self-employed and usually work 1 to 8 weeks duration.

Rate of Pay:

  • Single Baby: £600 to £800 per week
  • Twins: £700 to £900 per week

Temporary child carers

These are usually qualified Nannies that are in between jobs. Available at a day's notice, to work from 1 day to 6 months.

Rate of Pay:

  • Approx £75 per day
  • Approx £340 per week

What is a Nanny share?

This is when 2 families employ a Nanny to look after both families' children (The children are usually of school age). Normally one family will take on the responsibility of employing the Nanny.

Are we responsible for our Nanny's Tax and National Insurance?

Yes. If a nanny is employed in the UK, the employer is required by law to register as an employer and operate a PAYE (pay as you earn) scheme. This involves paying income tax and national insurance contributions which is deducted from your Nannies gross wage, as well as an employers national insurance as well.

Chalfont Nannies recommends ‘Nanny Tax', which offers a complete payroll for employers of Nannies.  For more information on nanny tax please look at the website: www.nannytax.co.uk

How many hours can we expect a nanny to work ?

On average a nanny will work 8 hours per day (although this is negotiable). Hours must be agreed before the start of employment.

Do we have to pay sick pay?

Statutory sick pay is stipulated by Government Legislation. Any additional sickness payment is normally at the discretion of the employer and should be stipulated in the Nanny's contract of employment.

If a Nanny lives in what facilities/accommodation should we provide?

The Nanny should have their own room with storage and would probably expect their own T.V.

What petrol allowance would we expect to pay our Nanny?

If your Nanny would be using their own car to carry out their duties you as the employer would be expected to pay a petrol allowance. The current recommended allowance is between 30 pence and 40 pence per mile.

Will we have to pay for baby-sitting?

This is classed as additional duties and is totally separate from their full time job. It would be wise to discuss at the interview stage their (the Nanny's) feelings on additional hours and agree an hourly rate of pay. Even though most Nanny's are willing to baby sit, they should not be expected to have to work extra hours. Baby-sitting should be paid separately

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