NNEB (National Nursing Education Board)

An NNEB diploma in nursery nursing indicates the holder under took a full time 2 year course covering the ages of 0~7 years. This is probably the most widely recognised qualification and gives students hands on experience in addition to the academic side which covers the physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs of different ages. Other areas of study are health and hygiene, play and first aid.

What the qualification allows the student to do:

Once you have completed the NNEB course you are well qualified to start working in a nursery. NNEB's can also start work as a Nannies, although it is recommended that newly qualified NNEB's have some parental guidance.

NVQ (National Vocation Qualification)

NVQ courses are seen as vocational alternatives to A~Levels. They are administered by City and Guilds and are aimed to Childcare and related studies. NVQ Levels 2,3 & 4 can take up to 2 years to complete and are competence based. Students are given hands on experience and subject to assessment in the workplace.

What the course involves:

  • Level 2 ~ assessed in a range of competencies dealing with children's physical, emotional and social development.
  • Level 3 ~ assessed across 15 units including ability to work and care for children without supervision and management. Also support for parents and family.
  • Level 4 ~ assessed for the ability to run and develop a play area and supervise other staff.

What the qualification allows the student to do:

  • Level 2 ~ qualified to begin a career in childcare, either in a nursery or as a mothers help.
  • Level 3 ~ Largely equivalent to an NNEB. Qualified to work as a Nanny but some parental Involvement for newly qualified.
  • Level 4 ~ qualified for all aspects of childcare.


A Btec National Diploma in Child Studies (Nursery Nursing) indicates that the student studied for a full time course of a higher level that the NNEB diploma. The course places more emphasis on the academic work and includes modules for those interested in teaching, nursing, social work and childcare. This Btec diploma is a full time 2 year course, and thus distinguishable from the Btec National Certificate in Child Studies which is a lower level one~year part time course offered to mature students.

What the qualification allows the student to do:

People with the Btec diploma are qualified to work either in a nursery or begin their career as a Nanny. The Btec diploma is well run although it has a slight emphasis on the academic side rather than the practical side.

NAMWC (National Association of Maternal and child Welfare Certificate)

The NAMWC Certificate is aimed at 16 ~ 18 year olds and covers children from 0 ~ teenagers. Whilst an advanced certificate is aimed at more mature students such as childminders who wish to gain a professional qualifacation.

What the qualification allows the student to do:

A good qualification which allows the student to work in nurseries or as a Nanny

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